17 Months

I have many drafts that I haven't published but I wanted to write a quick update about my Lo.

I can't believe she has been with us for almost a year and a half...time has flown by! I don't remember life without her. She has been the sweetest blessing to our little family and is the apple of our eye.  Lo is definitely coming into her toddlerhood and leaving her babyhood behind. She is walking with more and more confidence every day. She is jabbering like crazy repeating random things that we say. She tries to give commands to the Bluetooth in the car now and will tell it to "call wobet" for her Daddy. The other day her Daddy said "oh my gosh" and she repeated "oh gosh". Those are some of the funnier ones of late but there are many more.

She is currently teething, but what else is new! I don't know how many more teeth she has left to cut but I'll be thrilled when it's over. She's not bad with it, but tends to drool, have a runny nose and gets diaper rash. The process of teething seems to be slow and steady for her, it took ages to get her molars thru! She is getting her two teeth beside the front teeth.

She definitely has the mind of an engineer...I can always see the wheels turning in her head just like her Daddy. She loves to stack blocks, she loves to see what she can fit inside of random objects. For instance, she tries to put miscellaneous small objects inside of an Easter egg and gradually the objects get larger and larger until the egg won't shut...testing the limits!

She adores her cousins and loves to FaceTime them several times a week. She loves to play around with my iPhone and knows how to turn on music, the PBS kids app and talk to Siri. She is still a bookworm and will spend hours sitting and faux reading books. The gutter bookshelves that her Daddy made for her room before she was born were definitely an inspired choice. She continues to love being outside in any way, shape or form and loves water. We have had a ridiculous amount of rain this summer and she loves to get out in it and puts her hands out to catch the rain drops.

She has become increasingly more attached to her blankets that Mimi made her that are silky on one side and minky on the other...they are referred to as her soft soft cozy and she can't get enough of them. When it's time for a nap or bedtime we say "do you want soft soft cozy?" And she will excitedly walk back to her bedroom.

She blows kisses on command, waves hi and bye (she waves differently for hi and bye) and says "bye bye". She has the softest curly blonde hair and has already had 2 hair cuts in her 17 months of life. She loves puppies (pup pup) and kitty kats (kee kat). She loves going on walks in her stroller. She loves the nursery at the gym. 

Okay, in going to end there because I tend to get carried away with these update. I could go on and on about our little sunshine.

Rocking her tiara.
E and Lo enjoying bubbles and the outdoors.
Melts my heart!
A bath with Daddy in Mimi and Pappy's Jacuzzi tub.
The day she found a stuffed kitty in the store and begged for it.
New clothes from Gramma and Papa D
She's becoming  more independent-dipping French toast into syrup
Up bright and early, checking out the neighborhood.
First time with pigtails.