Baptism Squared

I am posting this picture because who wants to see a pictureless post?  Not me!  However, I do respect the privacy of others and I feel like "the hand over the face because I'm in so much pain pose" makes this child unrecognizable! This is me torturing Miss M by french braiding her extremely thick hair prior to the baptism.  Beauty is pain! 

Hubby and I had the opportunity of attending the baptism of our besties little girl this weekend.  I can't believe that she's 8!  The Hubs got to participate in her confirmation and also got to participate in the confirmation of one of his friends who happened to get baptised right before Miss M.

Betty Boop

I recently got to visit with my sweet Nana (a.k.a. Betty Boop).I  have been meaning to pay her a visit but it always seems to get put on the back burner.  We went with my parents to visit with her and the weather was nice enough to sit out on the patio of the place that she lives at, it was a nice day.  My niece made her a card that she loved so much that she cried.  It said "You will always be loved by us.  I love you, Munchie". 

This day was also the official start of my crying out of nowhere days...thank you pregnancy hormones!  I wanted my Hubby to get a picture of me and my Nana but I didn't think I could ask him without crying, so I didn't.  We went to visit one of her sisters that is in the same nursing home and ended up leaving after I had to excuse myself to the hallway because I was crying.  My Nana has always had a very close relationship with her 4 sisters and it's difficult to see them getting older and pulling away.


8 Years

Today marks 8 fabulous years of married life for the Hubs and I.  We celebrated with dinner and a trip to the mall to purchase some maternity jeans...romantic, huh?  It wasn't planned out or over the top but it was perfect because we were together.



Well, we made it to 12 weeks!  I feel like we've really accomplished something!  I was reading my weekly pregnancy update this morning and it said that our baby is the size of a cupcake...finally baby is compared to something other than a fruit or vegetable! 

On a completely unrelated note, I lost my job.  The company I worked for has some interesting policies and so I was laid off I guess.  It's obviously not the end of the world, but I am bummed because I feel like time is going to stand still.  For now, I am enjoying the extra rest and relaxation and am planning all of the projects I want to accomplish before I blow up.  First up- clean out the nursery closet!


Squitty Love

I am not really an animal person but this picture is just so appropriate for this blog...don't ya think?  Confession: The little squirrel claws are freaking me out a little!


Road Trippin'

Huntington Beach
The Hubs and I went on a little road trip on Labor Day weekend.  We traveled to Charleston first and spent a day at the market, relaxing and enjoying the beautiful scenery that only Charleston could offer.

We then headed up through Georgetown to our final destination for the trip- our beloved Murrells Inlet.  Murrells is our happy place.  We love that it's off the beaten path of touristy crap like MyrtleBeach. We mostly relaxed but sprinkled in some shopping, beach and pool time and enjoyed the local restaurants.

On Sunday we were able to meet up with our Horse Country Shell and her parents to see their glorious beach house that is still being constructed in Murrells.  We drooled over the floor plan, the beautiful kitchen and the awesome color choice for the outside that is just so very beachy.  We look forward to spending time with them there when it's finished.

Favorite things from this trip:
*The earrings I bought at the market.
*Bubba's Love Shack on the water...delicious!
*Hubby's sweet deals that he found at the outlets.
*Skittles, baby likes skittles. I'm glad he/she found something that it likes!


Mood Swings...Check

Today the business next door felt the wrath of me.  Since I have cut back my work schedule I am now at home a lot more and am observing more of the workings of our neighborhood.  We live next door to a small school since we are the first in our subdivision.  There is a clear division between houses and the business side of things.  Pablo, the yard guy is supposed to come and clean up our yard and he said that he would be here today or tomorrow.  Early this morning I heard a leaf blower so I went to investigate.  It was not Pablo, instead it was the yard crew at the school next door.  I witnessed said yard crew blowing all of the yard debris into our back yard.  Oh no they didn't! 

photo from leaf-blower.com

So, I looked up the phone number to the place next door and asked to speak with the director.  I told her what was going on and she went and told the crew to stop and take care of it the right way.  She then apologized profusely as to which made me feel bad and I told her it wasn't her fault but I didn't feel that it was right for Pablo to be cleaning up stuff from 2 different yards.  The nerve!  Then I took my trash bin down to the curb and gave the crew the evil eye...because I'm mature like that.

Our Baby: The Model

I'm quite certain that our baby wants to be a model.  The reason behind this thinking is due to the 2 times that he/she has scared us causing emergency doctors visits for ultrasounds.  He/she has built up quite the ultrasound picture portfolio.  I have experienced spotting twice so far.  Being pregnant on the heels of a miscarriage has made us overly cautious or super paranoid...you take your pick!  In my mind I know that spotting during pregnancy can be completely normal.  I know the signs to look for in a miscarriage, but when I see blood my hormonal self goes into a downward spiral.  All of this to say that our baby is perfectly healthy.  His/her heart was beating at 150 beats per minute at 7 1/2weeks and at 171 at 9 weeks.  Our 9 week ultrasound showed a very active baby...must take after it's dad.

At 7 1/2 weeks my Dad took me to the doctor.  I was told to come in to the office ASAP so I didn't have time to wait for Hubby to get off of work to take me.  I have kept my OBGYN that I know and love in the capital city which my Dad works about 2 blocks from and he seemed like the easiest option.  I was a complete basket case that day.  When we pulled into the parking lot my Dad asked me if I would like a blessing as to which I happily agreed.  I was told in that blessing that everything would be okay and I instantly felt at peace.  Dad and I walked into the office with teary eyes and everything was perfect.

At 9 weeks my Babs took me to the doctor.  Since I waited until late in the day to call I waited until the following day to be seen.  Feeling like everything was going to be alright Hubby stayed home and went to work and Bab took me to the appointment.  Again, another ultrasound that showed a healthy baby that was quite wiggly.  Since it was a vaginal ultrasound both times I didn't have Dad come in the room but I did have Bab come in so she could see the little guy/girl.

This coming week will bring yet another appointment complete with another ultrasound so that we can see our little raspberry as we lovingly call him/her.  We both insist that it's a girl, if it turns out to be a boy I guess we'll have to come up with a more masculine nickname.