Black Friday 2011

Me and my partner in crime, Bab, working the line at Target.
 Well, we conquered Black Friday 2011.  This year we started around 9:00 on Thanksgiving night and finished around 2:00 Friday morning.  Of course, we did some more shopping at retailers in the afternoon on Friday and I actually went back out with my Mom on Saturday morning.  Even though my shopping this year technically spanned 3 days I'll lump it all in to Black Friday.

For the first time in years we went to Wal Mart where we scored several Christmas gifts for the kidlets.  If there was ever any doubt that the Hubs and I love our nieces and nephews I think we put those to rest by going to Wal Mart for them.  I especially LOATHE Wally World and typically refuse any trips to that black hole.

We managed to lose Bab and Roc's exchange student in the Black Friday shuffle...we may or may not have threatened his life once he was found purchasing toys after looking for him for almost an hour.

My parents ventured out for their first ever Black Friday experience...it may also be the last time!   They did score a new LCD TV which is what they went for in the first place.

Not including the baby's nursery fabrics that I started purchasing the only other thing that we bought was bedding!  Actually, now that I think about it I also purchased a headband and some leopard print bows for the bambino.  Her accessory collection is growing almost as rapidly as her jam packed closet.
Some of the fabrics I scored at Black Friday sales for the nursery.  We're going pink, orange and gray...it's a start!

Thanksgiving 2011

Mini pecan and derby pies, we also had pumpkin and cherry.

Showing our guests from Portugal how to celebrate a proper American Thanksgiving- playing games and watching the parade while the turkey is cooking away.

My white chocolate garnishes for the mini pies- I did 2 trays of leaves and acorns and got bored on the second tray...hence the squirrel, pistol and Hubby's semi-automatic edible gun creations to name a few!
Roc tearing up a turkey leg after carving the bird.  This year's turkey was brined overnight and basted in butter and herbs and covered in bacon...delish!

About to devour my chocolate hazelnut mousse cups garnished with shaved chocolate and hazelnut chocolate wafer cookies...they were divine!
The traditional holiday photo of Bab with a gun...this time it was edible.  And Nell in the background prepping food.

 We had our Thanksgiving at Bab and Roc's house as we always do.  The Hubs and I spent the night over at their place so that we could prep food and decor late into the night and then wake up early to help with the final touches.  We had all of the traditional foods and amazing desserts.

Highlights from the holiday:
*The kids table decor- the tablecloth had activities and pictures that could be colored.  Bab made each child a personalized mayflower out of felt filled with candy and crayons.  They also enjoyed activity worksheets and treasure hunt where they had to locate mini turkeys that Bab made out of an egg crate.

*Making the adult place cards with Gigi and Munchie.

*Many Pinterest projects, most of which turned out: harvest salad, turkey shaped fruit and cheese appetizer, chocolate hazelnut mousse cups, mini fruit pizzas, turkey shaped veggie tray (the only fail!) and mini pies.

*My in-laws were sick and couldn't come at the last minute so the Hubs took over his Mom's traditional dressing assignment...he did a fab job.

*Nell's homemade yeast rolls...Thanksgiving isn't complete without them and Bab's crock pot macaroni and cheese.  Yum!

*Spending LOTS of time with the fam (and friends from Portugal).


Thankful Thursday

I am thankful for:
*Friends and family to share holidays with.
*A belly full of delicious food.
*Traditions- my favorites which include Black Friday shopping with my Sis.


Thankful Thursday

The Hubs and I
I am thankful for:
*Visiting Teaching- this is a program in our church where women visit and share an uplifting message with other women once a month.  It is through this program that I have had the privilege of getting to know ladies that I may have otherwise not had the opportunity to know.  I especially love my companion...she is a saint.  Visiting with these women has become one of the highlights of my month.

*Really, really good friends- you know, the ones that are pretty much family.

*Opportunity- the Hubs and I have had a lot of new opportunities placed in our path and I am grateful.


Sugar and Spice

Little Lady's closet 48 hours after confirming that she is a girl.

We found out Thursday that we are expecting a little girl...but the Hubs and I already knew that!  It was nice to finally have confirmation that our guesses and most everyone else's guesses were correct.  For the record, only 3 people thought it was a boy and 2 of those people are my nephews that are severely outnumbered by girls in the family.   We are beyond excited about our little lady.  We were able to get several good images from the ultrasound despite her stubbornness.   Luckily, at the beginning of the ultrasound she was sitting indian style so we were able to see her "lady parts" right away.  Hubby was also relieved to see her NOT sucking her thumb.  He had already given her a pep talk about how she would have to wear braces if she did.  The 2 technicians commented about how incredibly active she is and how very stubborn she is, she has been that way since the 7 week ultrasound.  She refused to take her arms down from her face so they could get a profile shot.  They poked and prodded and she wouldn't budge.  Her heart rate was 148 this visit.
This baby has accumulated quite the wardrobe in past few days.  In fact, I hung everything up in her closet when we got back home after a weekend in the Capital City and called the Hubs in for inspection.  He looked at the clothes and then looked at me and said "this is crazy".  She is loved.


Thankful Thursday

Tulips in Virginia Spring 2011

I am thankful for:
*Healing. I've been thinking a lot lately about the significance of this week. Had I not miscarried in the spring I would have been having a baby this week. I am so grateful that for whatever reason the Lord saw it fit for us to be pregnant again by my due date. He truly gave us a miracle and today we find out if this little person is a boy or a girl.

*Family that over complicates the simplest of things. I tell myself that it is only because we all care about each other so much!

*Being able to stay home right now. I'll admit that I feel like time is dragging now that I am not working and that I dislike not being a productive member of society...but I know that there is a time and a season for everything. In the meantime, I'm glad that I have been afforded the luxury of being unemployed during a very convenient time in my life.


In The Words Of Bon Jovi

Whoa, we're halfway there!

Want to know what I look like at 20 weeks?
The conversation that Hubby and I had while taking this picture went a little something like this-
Hubby: I think the other angle was more flattering.
Me: I don't think the point of this picture is to be flattering. I'm trying to showcase my chunkiness.
Hubby: Well, just try to look natural.
Me: There is nothing natural about me taking a picture in which I am spotlighting my belly.

A Walk In The Park

The Hubs had a long weekend off of work so we took advantage of the extra down time and explored our beloved Horse Country.  We took a leisurely stroll through the park, ate lunch at our favorite deli downtown and went antiquing.  Did you know that Horse Country has some of the best antique stores around?  Here are some gems that Hubby took at the park-

And my find of the day from a hidden little antique store...this fabulous lamp.  Of course I replaced the cruddy old shade with this new textured one from Target but I am obsessed!  The shop I got it from was about to get in a huge estate of danish modern furniture.  I had to get out quick! 3 storage units full of danish modern sounds like heaven to me.


Thankful Thursday

My favorite- caramel hot chocolate

I am thankful for:

*A precious husband that kisses me goodbye every morning, even when I'm not coherent.

*Wonderful neighbors- we joke about how involved they are sometimes but they really are the most genuine people I know.

*Being able to keep warm this time of year- we have heat in our home and cars, we have coats and sweaters and last but not least...warm beverages.