The Drive In

A whole slew of people went to the drive-in last weekend.  Between all of the families I think we had around 20 people.  We all brought delicious snacks and saw a double feature Ice Age 4 and Brave.  Well, that was the plan but the babysitters called us back home after the first movie. Lo had gotten off her schedule and they didn't know what to do.  By the time we got in the car and on the road for about 10 minutes they called back to tell us she was asleep.  :)  And, as it turned out the babysitters were to blame for her restlessness...they didn't follow instructions.

 We got super lucky and had a spot that nobody parked in right in front of us.
Me and my date
Some of our crew and Hubby hoarding the peanut butter cup popcorn that I made.


4 Month Check Up

Lo had her 4 month check up this week.  Here are her latest stats-
Height: 25.5 inches (84%)
Weight: 16.2 pounds (82.7%)
Head Circumference: 42.2 centimeters (87.2%)

Poor little lady had 2 shots, 1 oral immunization and her ears pierced at the same time.  She was not happy with me or anybody else for that matter!  She didn't get a nap before her appointment and we waited so long that she got hungry so it wasn't a good morning for her.  She kind of grumbled and expressed her displeasure about the appointment in the car for about 3 or 4 minutes afterwards and then she passed out!  Hubby asked me to send him a picture of her new earrings when we got out so I snapped this pitiful shot and realized after I got in the drivers seat that you can't see the earrings from her cheeks.

You can kind of see them in this picture, just little diamond studs.  She never seemed bothered by them after the initial piercing.  I cleaned them while bathing her that afternoon and she didn't flinch.  I'm relieved that they are done and she nor I will ever have to worry about that again.  And the best part, she'll never remember that day!


Daddy's Little Model

Here are some shots that the Hubs took of Lo on her 4 month birthday.

Cradle Cap Cure

At almost four months old I thought we were out of the woods with any threats of cradle cap...wrong!  I thought I felt a little bumpiness on her scalp a few days before the flakes showed their ugly face but Hubby said I was being obsessive. Who, me?!  Sure enough, a few days later I saw the flakiness of what I assume was cradle cap.  In 2 days it was completely gone and I'll tell you how-
olive oil.
Yep, I basted Lo's head in olive oil and then gently massaged her scalp with her little hairbrush then shampooed her hair.  I did this twice because, well, I'm obsessive!  Anywho,it's completely gone. The only problem is, I think I created a diva in the process.  She sure does love having baby spa treatments done!

I decided to do a treatment at the last minute before she was going to bed (hence her in jammies and a swaddle blanket). She loved having her hair shampooed over and over though and was quite relaxed for bed! 



Lo had her first taste of cereal on July 17th.  She has her 4 month well visit on the 24th so her pediatrician told us to start her on cereal a week before the visit.  She did better than I expected,especially since she was sleepy when I realized we hadn't given her any yet..  I didn't expect that she would keep any cereal in but I think she may have gotten a tiny bit!  It was adorable, but I'm sure that I am not biased in any way.
The after math.
Yes, her first meal was served in a pampered chef bowl...how fitting!

Happy girl with a full belly.

The next time we gave her cereal we mixed a little pear juice in with it (her ped told me to give her an ounce per day) and she seemed to like that a whole lot better.  She took down a pretty good bit during that session.  Each day she gets better and better with the eating thing...practice makes perfect!


Big Girl Class

Well, I think I might officially be an adult now!  What caused this big change?  I taught adults at church, which means that I have conquered my greatest fear of all time.  I know it probably sounds crazy, but I have always been intimidated at the thought of teaching adults. Babies, kids, teenagers?  Piece of cake!  Adults?  Instant panic attack! 

All week long I kept getting the nagging feeling like I was going to be asked to give a talk in church.  Those also make me super nervous, but I have been there and done that.  So, when the president of the women's organization at church called me late Friday afternoon and said that she needed a substitute at the last minute I accepted the challenge.  I used Friday as my freak out day and then Saturday morning I planned and wrote my lesson in no time.  Dare I say that I felt fine?!

Sunday morning came and the Hubs and I were dressed for church.  I got Lo's ensemble out to put on her, Hubby brought her into the nursery to get dressed and as soon as he put her down he looked green.  Then he ran to the bathroom where violent vomiting ensued.  Hmmm, so now the Hubs is down for the count...what's a girl to do?  I called my mother whom was running late to her own church service and she came to church with me so that I didn't have to bounce my baby on my hip while giving a lesson.  Okay, there would have been plenty of eager women wanting to hold Lo, but the last thing I wanted was an inconsolable baby with a strange new person.  Needless to say, all went well.  There was a lot of class participation which was greatly appreciated.  I had a page and a half of information that I didn't get to cover and that was my ideal situation.  Bottom line?  Greatest fear = CONQUERED!


Independence Day 2012

We had a fabulous 4th of July celebration at our home.  This year we decided that we were taking over the 4th as our holiday.  All of my siblings have "their" holidays so we chose our first one.  We had a delicious spread- we went with BBQ as the main event.  We also had some wonderfully patriotic food too including salad with blueberries and strawberries, red white and blue dipped strawberries, truffles and pretzel rods, red and white pina coladas (a.k.a. Hawaiian lava flow) and blue corn chips with queso and salsa.  We also enjoyed red white and blue cake with homemade strawberry ice cream and s'mores.
 Everyone enjoyed the outdoor games- golf toss and corn hole.
 A kid and adult favorite-the slip and slide.  Pappy even took a couple joy rides down the thing.
 Red, white and blue eats.
 Roc making the ice cream
 Nell tasting the Hawaiian lava flow drinks
 The slip-n-slide champ J-Man
 Gigi, E and Pappy enjoying the swing
 Some of my crafty decor.
Our little family.

We bought a plethora of outdoor games that everyone enjoyed.  We also tried to do water balloons but that was an epic fail!  Apparently we bought the worst water balloons ever made.  The slip-n-slide will definitely be making an appearance next year.  The kids made everyone s'mores over the grill and the day ended with a pretty sweet fireworks display put on by the Hubs and Roc.  There was only one grouping that went astray and sent the entire family running for their lives.  It was also the first fireworks set off so that Lo could experience some.  She was unfazed by the fiasco but her Mama wasn't so calm as she bobbed and weaved around the yard like she was in a war zone.  Good times!