Nana's Birthday

Bab, myself, and the kidlets all went and celebrated with Nana at the nursing home for her 83rd birthday.  She was having such a good day today too which was so nice to see.  She laughed and talked the whole time we were there.  Aunt Ri threw her a big party in the dining hall with all of the residents...we even sang happy birthday to her twice.
 Waiting for the party to start- the kids entertained themselves by using E's fake mustache as a uni-brow, mustache and beard on Lo.

 Reading a card aloud all by herself!  The kids "helped" her the whole time, they were so sweet.

 One of the only shots I have of Bab...why didn't I get some of her with Nana and her kids?  I could kick myself!  And since this isn't the most flattering picture of her...I'll add one of myself-
Me having a laughing fit. Bab was taking pictures with my camera that has a super bright flash, I'm pretty sure this one elderly resident thought that she was being struck by lightening every time the flash went off.  Bless her heart!


2 Month Check Up

Lo had her 2 month check up and she looks perfectly healthy.  She had to have 2 shots and had one by mouth.  She wasn't thrilled but slept a lot for the rest of the day.

Here are her stats-
Height: 23.5 inches (85.9%)
Weight: 13.1 lbs (83.6%)
Head Circumference: 40.5 cm (94.9%)

Since we apparently grow 'em big around here she has pretty much grown out of her 0-3 month outfits.  Which means she grew out of one of my absolute favorite ensembles, her Ralph Lauren pink striped dress with monogrammed bloomers.  Hubby took several pictures of her wearing it for the very last time.

She also had  her hip ultrasound this week (standard for breech babies) and everything looks great.  She will go back again at 6 months.  Talk about feeling thankful for a healthy little one, we had to go to the children'shospital for the ultrasound...too sad.  There were so many children in the waiting room that looked so frail or came in in wheelchairs, I am so very grateful for her health.


Mother's Day 2012

We had a wonderful Mother's Day this year.  People kept congratulating me on my first "official" Mother's Day.  Hubby got me a beautiful silver necklace with Lo's Monogram on the front and her birth date on the back which was such a sweet sentiment. I know that he put a lot of thought into the gift, and it is something I'll treasure and someday pass on to my baby girl.  We also got flowers, chocolates, cookies and muffins at church.  And to end off the day, a steak and crab leg dinner with the fam.

I was thinking about a few women in my life today that haven't had the opportunity to have children, knowing all too well that this is a difficult day for them and so many other women.  I remember Mother's Day last year being especially tough since it was on the heels of my miscarriage.  I was away from my family that day and was reminded over and over and over again that I wasn't a "real" mother.  People kept commenting at church about how I had no children or said things like "one day you'll be a mother".  I knew that they meant well and none of them had a clue that I had just suffered a great loss, but their words still stung.

My heart goes out to all of the women out there that have lost babies, are waiting to adopt or struggling with infertility. I truly believe that all women are mother's in some way- we mother our nieces and nephews, kids in the neighborhood, little ones at church. So to every woman out there I say- Happy Mother's Day!


Four Generations

Lo went and met her great-grandma (a.k.a. Nana). It didn't exactly go the way that we expected it to because Nana was having an "off" day...but that's alright.  Nana did immediatly start rubbing Lo's feet when we walked in.  She even managed to giggle at the baby even though she was having some pain in her arm.  Right after this picture was taken she kissed her little feet a few times. Lo was a huge hit around the nursing home though, she brought a smile to everyone's face.


Daddy's Little Model

Hubby took some pictures of our little Lo at 6 weeks old, I think they're precious but I'm not biased.