Lo's First {Unofficial} Day Of Nursery

In the LDS church, babies remain with their parents during all 3 blocks of church until they are 18 months old. As many of you can imagine, and/or have experienced- there isn't a whole lot of meeting attendance when you have a little one under 18 months. We do a lot of hanging out in the mothers lounge/hallway and foyers. The parents of these tots have dubbed the foyers the "pre-nursery class". 

Moving on- the nursery leaders approached me last week and told me it was time to start transitioning Lo into nursery as she will be 18 months on the 30th. I figured she would do fine since she does the gym nursery well, but ya never know with toddlers! Despite being very sleepy I think she did quite well. She is obviously not on the same level as the 2 other kids that are in there with her, they are 3 years old and about to transition to the regular kids program, but she held her own. We are so excited for her and know that she will enjoy being with her adorable nursery leaders and new friends. Yay for nursery!

Lo's first coloring page from nursery. We have it proudly displayed on our refrigerator.

Apple Festival 2013

We decided to go with my brother's family to the Apple Festival over Labor Day weekend. We attended last year for the first time as part of our "B" family vacation and loved being in the Hendersonville area. 

We hit up the festival- ate fresh apple pie, had apple slushies and apple sippers. Lou and Lo rode some rides (Lo's first experience with rides) and bought some apples at one of the vendors tents.

 Afterwards we went to a nearby local steakhouse that we remembered liking last year and it didn't disappoint this year. Then we went to an apple orchard (Stepp orchard, same as last year) where we picked our own apples. We were bummed that the tractor driver for the hayride that we liked was at the festival so we didn't get to ride this year. We brought back lots of fresh honey crisp, Jonah gold and Granny Smith apples though. Mimi had promised homemade applesauce out if the loot.

 On the way out we stopped by a shop that we went to last year because Nell had regretted not buying some serve ware that they sold when we were there in 2012. We happily went back because a year is a long time to regret not buying something you wanted! And one last important stop before heading home- Dunkin Donuts for our frozen hot chocolate and doughnut fix! We have our priorities. :) 

We were smooth sailing back home until I realized that Lo was finger painting in poop from her diaper. Gross! So we barely made it to an off ramp where we quickly got her out of her seat, stripped her down, wiped her and her carseat off and got back on the road. Good times!

Lo and Lou on Lo's first ever carnival ride "the caterpillar". Lo loved it and clapped every time it came around. The ride lasted over 4 minutes and she did great for being 17 months old. After this, I took her on a hot air balloon carnival ride that goes in a circle and the hot air balloons that you sit in go up and down...not a fan! She never cried but she was physically shaking because of the stomach flipping sensation that happened when the ride went up and down...it was too sad. Luckily I was riding it with her so I applied some pressure on her little belly with my hand to help her feel more comfortable and held her little hand. Bless her heart!
My two loves.
Cousins enjoying fresh apple sippers together. All of the grand kids love these cups and use them all year.
I love how Lo is looking at Lou in this picture, makes me laugh.
The apple of my eye at Stepp Orchard.
Someone didn't want to cooperate!
Pooped! Literally, she didn't nap all day until she had the blow out on the way home and then she had a nice little snooze. Seriously, nothing sweeter than a sleeping baby...especially mine!