Ballet Recital

We had the opportunity to see Munchie's ballet recital last weekend.  We were all so proud of her for doing such a good job.  She is quite the natural at ballet as it turns out.  Her class danced to "Never Grow Up" by Taylor Swift and it was precious.
Munchie and her littlest fan. Lo insisted on dressing like a tiny ballerina for the recital...such a diva!

One loved little girl.

So pretty!

She posed herself for all of these photos.

Me and my girl...so you can really appreciate her ensemble.


Lo's Blessing

Miss Lo was blessed by her Daddy on April 22 at my parent's house with some of our family and friends in attendance.  It was a perfect day, we couldn't have asked for better.  Traditionally we Mormons bless our babies at church but we wanted to do it in a more intimate setting so everyone would feel comfortable.  Lo wore my blessing dress that my Mom made for me. 

We wanted to be sure that we had the right spirit when it came time to bless her so my sister gave the opening prayer, then my Dad said a few words, then Hubby blessed our girl with the most beautiful words and then my brother gave a closing prayer.  I think we succeeded because most of us were teary, it was a really sweet experience.
Three generations- me, Mimi and Lo

Aunt Heath
Babs and Roc with Miss Chunk

Hubby, Lo, myself and Juju
Our little family

Daddy's girl

The "Lion King" pose

Me and my little lady

Aunt Nell and Lo
The whole family

Ant, Kat and Baby P
Cliff and her mini me

Hubby, Lo, me, Shell and Captain

The best view of the dress and my funny Hubby.


1 Month Check Up

Little Lo had her one month check up and here are her stats-
Length: 21.5 inches (68.1%)
Weight: 10.5 pounds (82.9%)
Head Circumference: 39 centimeters (98.2%)

She had to get her 2nd hepatitis shot which left her feeling pretty grumpy so we spent the afternoon with her strapped to me in the Baby Bjorn.  Poor baby!


Just Kickin' It

Recently we were able to go see one of E's soccer games.  It was fun to see his team play, they have gotten better each season.  It was really cool to watch E really "get in there", he has come a long way!
Run E, Run!

Number 33 in action.

And a bonus picture of Gigi and her cute friend picking dandelions during the game.


Easter 2012

We had a really good Easter weekend. First, we celebrated Hubby's birthday on Saturday by having a barbecue with the fam. We had BBQ, collards, sweet potato soufflé, mac and cheese and chocolate ganache cake for dessert...all of Hubby's favorites! He, my Dad and the nieces and nephews had a nice day outdoors fishing and boating in the lake behind my parents house. I kept Babs company indoors while she cooked up the birthday feast. Later that day we went gun shopping and then to dinner at our favorite Greek place with some friends.

On Sunday we woke up to a home cooked breakfast by my Dad (we stayed at their place Saturday night). Then we all got on our Sunday best and headed out to church. This was Lo's first time at church so we only stayed for the first hour. It was a beautiful service, one of our dear friends (Kelc) gave a powerful talk about the Saviour and we were so glad that we went. We visited with friends after the service for awhile and then went back to my parents for lunch. Later that evening we went to Jas and Nell's for Easter dinner. We had a feast! Nell worked so hard at making everything perfect from the food to the decor. We had a wonderful time!

I should also mention that Miss Lo has so many dresses that I brought 3 outfit changes for Sunday...I ended up only doing 2 because one dress was still a little too big.



Having a c-section has me appreciating the human body more than I ever thought possible. The human body is amazing. In less than 2 weeks I feel like I have made a full recovery from a pretty major surgery. I haven't taken any pain medication in days and even then I was taking the anti-inflammatory that I was prescribed to help out the leaky boob situation. My incision is healing beautifully all on it's own, there is no need for bandages, staples or steristrips as of last Friday. Luckily I had no issues with blood clots and the swelling in my legs from all of the fluids I was given in the hospital is gone.

I am really grateful to be feeling this good so soon. I am able to care for my baby, tend to the household chores and even cook up a frozen pizza if necessary! ;) I am looking forward to tomorrow when I can officially drive again. I don't want to take the little one out anywhere, but at least I have the option!