Daddy's Little Model

She's 10 months!  Oh, how can this be?!  Time is flying by so quickly and we are enjoying every single second with this pretty girl.  She's got 3 teeth, 2 on the bottom and one on the top, and working on the other top front tooth.  She is starting to mobilize a little.  Still no crawling but she somehow manages to move through a series of stretching.  She still loves to eat any and every thing.  She is still just using a sippy cup, no more bottles for this girl. She loves meeting new people, being outside, laughing, reading and baths. Her favorite toys right now are her purse with lipstick and compact, disney princess little people, and anything with a tag. She loves anything that crinkles including her crinkly elephant that her Daddy got her for Christmas that they named "Captain Crinkles".  She is such a good sleeper.  She typically sleeps from about 7pm,wakes between 6:30 to 7am for a bottle and then sleeps a little more until about 9 or 9:30...we are so lucky!  She had a bout with the croup but other than that is very healthy.  We just love our little Lo!


New Years Eve 2012

We spent our NYE at Bab and Roc's annual New Years Eve bash. There was good food, good company, lots of dancing and some football watching by lots of men! There was also a fireworks show, minute to win it games, a money piƱata and a small fire! Oh, and the baby slept through the entire thing upstairs in Bab and Roc's overly large walk-in closet. So there you have it, how about some pictures?