10 Years

The Hubs and I have been married for a decade! With an unexpected move, our plans for a big anniversary trip went out the window. However, the night before our anniversary we both decided that we needed a night away...nothing lavish, just a quick overnight with just us. We left Lo in good hands with my parents and whisked ourselves away to Savannah, Georgia. I think the last time we were there was probably 5 years ago when we went for the 4th of July and it was hot and crazy. It was nice to go when the weather was nice and there weren't tons of tourists hanging around.
The first day we walked around the city market area, which is an artsy district. We had dinner at a local tapas joint and it was one of the best meals of my entire life. Then we found our hotel and turned in for the night. The following day we went down to River Street for breakfast at my favorite, Huey's and for some shopping. We always have to stop in at River Street Sweets...this time it was to get the sitters some goodies. Later that afternoon we headed to Tybee Island to look around and do the whole lighthouse thing. We rounded out he trip with a late lunch at the Crab Shack and headed back home. It was really nice to spend some quality time with my man to honor the day that we got married, 10 years ago. It really is so crazy how quickly time passes by. Considering we dated for 4 years prior to marriage that's a lot of time together.
I'm proud of what we have created. It hasn't been an easy road (no relationship is) but there have been more highs than lows and I am so grateful to share a life with my honey. Happy Anniversary Baby!

Lo at 18 Months

We had our 18 month well visit and here are Lo's latest stats-

Height: 32.2 inches (62.2%)
Weight: 24.9 pounds (77%)
Head circumference: 47 cm. (69.5%)

So, she's perfectly healthy and right on track with her other milestones. She is a bundle of energy and  keeps us laughing. She seems to be dominate with the left hand as of right now, is running, twirling and jumping, says all kinds of words (topping the funny list this month was "dang" "huh?" "What?" And "boss" when the kids told her to say "like a boss").

She still loves dancing and the great outdoors. She loves animals and loves water. Her current favorite foods are still avocado and cheese but also fruit snacks and pirates booty which she calls "booty". She finally mastered drinking out of a straw! She also said "angel Moroni" when we took her to see the temple lit up at night (completely unprompted by the way...don't ask me how she knew) and this week she has carried around her nursery handout that says "heavenly father and Jesus love me" and has sung "Jesus" over and over again (completely unprompted). Out of the mouth of babes? 


On September 12th our life took an unexpected detour when our house was broken in to while I was at the gym. The day before the incident the Hubs and I were discussing our plans for the future. Initially we never intended on staying in the rental home for very long...but one year quickly became two and we were feeling pretty comfortable there. We had just discussed that we would both like to stay one more year and then begin looking for our next home to purchase. In fact, on the morning of September 12th, I discussed this plan with the ladies that watch Lo in the gym nursery. 

My class got out early that morning and I distinctly remember feeling like I should take my time driving back home, which I did. Shortly after that I arrived home to find that our house had been broken in to. This isn't the first time I have been robbed, my childhood home was broken in to on a few different occasions and I was robbed while working as a bank teller back in 2001. I knew all of the emotions I would go through in the following days but what I didn't anticipate was how the mother in me would react. I was panic stricken, I didn't want to stay in that house another second! 

I tried to remain calm for Lo because I know that littles can sense those kinds of things, but she pretty much immediately broke out with hives herself. That was so, so sad. We tried to stay at the house the first night to prove to ourselves that we could do it and feel safe again. The only drawback was that none of us slept a wink, not even the baby. So, that morning I packed as much clothing/valuables as I could fit in my vehicle and I headed to my parents house.

Hubby went out of town on a previously planned work trip and all the while we both tried to figure out if/when we would go back home. To make an already long story longer, the home was attempted to be broken in to 2 more times before there was another successful break in leaving our total at 4 times as of today. After the second time we both decided we weren't going back, how could I with a little one to keep safe? So, for the time being all of our stuff is in storage and we are shacking up with my parents while we look for our next home to purchase. Funny how things can change in an instant, huh?
These were the last 2 pictures that I had of us at our rental home. One of Lo acting a fool running around inside and one out in the yard before a bike ride. What sickens me is that someone watched us and knew our routines. They knew I would be at the gym that morning and the window of time they had. To think of us riding the streets in that neighborhood on our family bike rides while some creep watched us makes me ill. Oh well, accept the things you can't change...right?