10 Years

The Hubs and I have been married for a decade! With an unexpected move, our plans for a big anniversary trip went out the window. However, the night before our anniversary we both decided that we needed a night away...nothing lavish, just a quick overnight with just us. We left Lo in good hands with my parents and whisked ourselves away to Savannah, Georgia. I think the last time we were there was probably 5 years ago when we went for the 4th of July and it was hot and crazy. It was nice to go when the weather was nice and there weren't tons of tourists hanging around.
The first day we walked around the city market area, which is an artsy district. We had dinner at a local tapas joint and it was one of the best meals of my entire life. Then we found our hotel and turned in for the night. The following day we went down to River Street for breakfast at my favorite, Huey's and for some shopping. We always have to stop in at River Street Sweets...this time it was to get the sitters some goodies. Later that afternoon we headed to Tybee Island to look around and do the whole lighthouse thing. We rounded out he trip with a late lunch at the Crab Shack and headed back home. It was really nice to spend some quality time with my man to honor the day that we got married, 10 years ago. It really is so crazy how quickly time passes by. Considering we dated for 4 years prior to marriage that's a lot of time together.
I'm proud of what we have created. It hasn't been an easy road (no relationship is) but there have been more highs than lows and I am so grateful to share a life with my honey. Happy Anniversary Baby!

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