Lo at 18 Months

We had our 18 month well visit and here are Lo's latest stats-

Height: 32.2 inches (62.2%)
Weight: 24.9 pounds (77%)
Head circumference: 47 cm. (69.5%)

So, she's perfectly healthy and right on track with her other milestones. She is a bundle of energy and  keeps us laughing. She seems to be dominate with the left hand as of right now, is running, twirling and jumping, says all kinds of words (topping the funny list this month was "dang" "huh?" "What?" And "boss" when the kids told her to say "like a boss").

She still loves dancing and the great outdoors. She loves animals and loves water. Her current favorite foods are still avocado and cheese but also fruit snacks and pirates booty which she calls "booty". She finally mastered drinking out of a straw! She also said "angel Moroni" when we took her to see the temple lit up at night (completely unprompted by the way...don't ask me how she knew) and this week she has carried around her nursery handout that says "heavenly father and Jesus love me" and has sung "Jesus" over and over again (completely unprompted). Out of the mouth of babes? 

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