Pioneer Trek 2013

The Hubs and I had the privilege of being advisors on the trek for the youth this year. Our Bishop asked us a few months ago if we would be willing to go and after much consideration we agreed that it was an opportunity that we couldn't pass up. We were nervous about leaving the baby for 3 days and 2 nights but she was in good hands with Bab, Roc and their gang.

The trek was held out in Blythewood on a horse farm that belongs to a member of the church and her generous neighbor. We hiked a total of 18 miles over be 3 day period and slept outside covered by nothing but a tarp. We were responsible for 2 handcarts of youth totaling 15 people. We had the greatest kids and had the best time with them. It was physically challenging as most would expect. Luckily, we weren't allowed to help with the 400+ pound handcarts unless necessary. I helped during the women's pull and that was all that was needed.

Each of our family units were given a baby that was to be carried and treated like a real baby for he duration. Each  baby came with a name and a story of a real pioneer and we didn't find out until the last day if our "baby" made it to the valley or not. Our leaders gave us the rest of the baby's story on the morning of he last day and both of our people made it and had long healthy, happy lives. Coincidentally, one of the babies that we assigned to one of our groups was the story of our bishop's great-grandmother...so that was pretty special.
After we read the outcome of our babies stories we gathered for a funeral service to bury the babies that didn't survive...talk about heart wrenching! One of the youth stood up on the hi behind our crowd of youth and softly played "Come, Come Ye Saints" on her violin...there wasn't a dry eye! It was really a neat experience and definitely an emotional one. It was neat to see that the youth finally understood the sacrifices that the pioneers  made for their religion.

Going on the trek as an adult was an exercise in patience in many ways...but at the same time, it gave me a greater appreciation for the youth of the church. These kids are strong and it gives me hope. 

Some other tidbits worth noting- we got to have Jose (Bab and Roc's bonus kid) come on our trek and be a part of one of the families that we were responsible for. I also got to have one of my cousin's kids in my group which was neat. We ate good, were privy to portable potties (thank heaven!), were super hot, got sunburned and eaten up by bugs. Got to see the youth really shine...they had to dig deep sometimes but they never let us down. It was an amazing experience that I would do again in a heart beat.

On our way
Our babies

Hubby helped design this temple that the kids  built


Lo at 14 months

I thought I would write down a couple of things while I was thinking about it. At 14 months out pretty girl-

-Has her two front teeth, one top molar on her right side, her bottom 4 front teeth and right bottom molar. She's been a teething champ this month with 4 of those coming in at the same time.

-Is giving us a glance into toddlerhood. Like her newfound love of playing in the toilet water or throwing random objects in the toilet, gross!

-Loves water in all forms- bath time, watering the garden, washing her hands in the sink, the fountain at the gym.  Nobody will take a bath or shower during her waking hours in peace unless she is in there too! I even find her in the bathroom trying to climb in the tub without water.

-Her grandpa died a few weeks ago and since that day she (completely on her own) has become attached to a pink bunny that her grandpa sent her for Easter. She was having issues sleeping around the same time and when I went in to see why she was upset she was at the side of her crib pointing to the bunny that was in her doll cradle. Once I gave it to her she went right to sleep and has slept with it ever since.

-Is a total Daddy's girl. We left her with my parents last weekend to go out of town and when we came home she crawled right past me to get to her one true love...Dada. She cries every time he leaves and that includes just leaving the room.  She has even started saying his real name sometimes because she hears it when we call him in the car using our hands free option.

-Has had some of the worst pooping incidents these past few weeks. Blame it on the teething mixed with us moving her up (apparently prematurely) to the next size diapers and you've got the perfect storm! Doozies including, but not limited to, pooping- I her car seat and getting it all over her seat, toys, snacks, binkys and herself. Pooping in the car and it getting all over her and myself on the way in to the gym one morning causing us to leave as soon as we got there, pooping in her crib during nap time and fingerprinting her bedding/crib. I have learned that there is no way to prepare for such events but I have recently put an emergency stash of clothing for myself in the car, extra outfit for her in the bag, and extra diapers/wipes in each vehicle.

-Contjnues to say words like once or twice and never say them again- juice, milk, Bobert for Robert, yogurt,
Helping Daddy exercise!

Hubby and Lo tending their garden
It flourished until the rain came and never went away during the summer!
Pretty in Pink
Always has polished toenails...my girly girl.
Fun at Mimi and Pappy's house.
Cousin love.
Nugget's very first haircut. She was more wiggly than I expected and I ended up in the tub with her...fully dressed.