Lo's First Birthday

It seems like just yesterday that we were leaving for the hospital on the first day of spring.  Just a few short hours later Lo was delivered via a scheduled c-section and she was the most beautiful baby I had ever laid eyes on.  She has changed our world completely and we wouldn't have it any other way.  On her actual birthday we let her have a cupcake and then she opened presents from us and her Grandpa S. 

Our 1 Year Old

I can't believe our first year with our girl flew by so fast. We have loved every single moment with her and look forward to all of the different stages ahead of us! At 1 year Lo-
-crawls around really well
-pulls up on her knees
-loves to say mama, dada, uh oh and baba (for my sister Bab and also for bye bye)
-loves music and dancing
-is starting to wean herself off of milk. She gets regular 2% milk but doesn't seem to care for milk that much. We just supplement with yogurt and cheese.
-has curly blonde hair that is getting longer and thicker by the minute.
-loves making new and different noises with her mouth/tongue.
-wipes her nose by herself
-does some hand movements to familiar songs like the itsy bitsy spider, popcorn popping, twinkle twinkle little star
-loves to read
-loves to eat anything and everything but she is not find of super soft foods. She isn't a fan of applesauce and yogurt type stuff unless she has something that she can crunch along with it. I'd say her favorites are bananas, cheese, peas, and grilled chicken.
-loves water. She doesn't care about having juice at all. I give it to her when I'm trying to help regulate her but she is a water loving girl.

Lo's 1st Birthday

Punky pie, on your first birthday you had to go to the doctor. It was terrible! You had to have blood work done to check for lead poisoning, they pricked your heel and squeezed the day lights out of your tiny little foot to get enough blood for the lab. It was horrible and the closest to crying I have been with these types of things. Then you got 2 shots, the chicken pox vaccine and MMR vaccine...you pretty much hated the world at that point.

When we left the doctor I thought you would fall asleep in the car but you were too mad. I called your Gramma to see if she wanted to come with us for a few errands I needed to run by her house and figured she would like to see you. I realized you were asleep as soon as I got off the phone, but it was too late! You slept in the car with Gramma while I ran in and out of stores. Then we took you to lunch.

Shirley came over once we got home and brought you a bunny that sings Jesus Loves Me and a card. You got a birthday delivery from Grandpa S- clothes and toys that he mailed from Ohio.

When Daddy came home we worked on getting our house in order for your party. But the highlight of your day is when we gave you a cupcake I demolish all by yourself. You did a really good job with that and got mad when we put you in the tub. You were still trying to eat icing out of your little hands before they got wet in the bath! I sure do love you.


David and Shellie Get Hitched

Our awesome friends, David and Shellie, got married at the beach. This was also the first time that we left our baby overnight! Mimi and Pappy babysat while we took a quick overnight to celebrate the union of an amazing couple. These 2 people are some of the kindest, most genuine people I know. And now they're officially married! They were married at a beautiful white chapel on the beach, the weather was absolutely perfect for such an occasion. Then we partied all afternoon/night around the pool while catching up with some of our Horse Country people.
The view from the church.

Me and my hot date!

Long story, but had to be documented!
The cute couple.
So typical! They had a legit food fight following this.


How Does Your Garden Grow

The Hubs decided that he wanted to try his hand at gardening again this year. But this time, he wanted to start from seeds...not the little starter plants you buy at the store. He and Lo had a blast planting tomato, basil and cilantro seeds on this particular day. Lo loves to dig in the dirt and anything that involves being outdoors. The Hubs is such a good Daddy to our girl, I hope she knows how lucky she is.
Unwrapping one of the little greenhouses.

Watching the soil pellets grow when sprinkled with water.
She thought that was pretty cool!
Cuties. ❤