Eight Is Great

Well, my new calling at church is working with the 7 turning 8 year old kids.  I am so excited about my new calling.  The kids are just the sweetest!  And, for those who don't speak Mormon...we baptise at the age of 8 so this is a big year for my class.  I have been teaching for 2 weeks now and have thoroughly enjoyed my cute little class.


Opportunity Knocks

The Hubs and I were recently asked to cover some political activity here in the Horse Country.  A new friend who is very politically active remembered me mentioning that we have shot a few things and asked if we would be interested.  Seeing as though we like to push the barriers of our comfort zone and try something new we accepted the invitation.

First, we were the "official GOP photographers" for a gathering of a select group of people got to meet Michele Bachmann.  Next, we went to a luncheon where she spoke to a few hundred people.  And lastly, a rally.  We were the only 2 people allowed to photograph the first two events and then the press got to cover the last event.  It was an interesting experience and we hope to be able to do more as the campaigning progresses.  I would also like to mention that she was stunningly beautiful and thanks to her right hand man we got this blurry picture as a memento.


The End Of An Era

I was released from my position in the primary presidency in my ward about a week ago.  It felt weird to attend Sunday School with my husband for the first time in a very long time and then to sit in Relief Society with all of the women.  This presidency that I served in was very different than the last one that I was in.  I made lasting friendships with the last 2 ladies that I served with because we went through some rough times together.  I felt a little more detached from the ladies in my last gig mostly because we were new to the ward and I still felt awkward and was in the whole adjusting phase.  I don't feel like I contributed very much to the primary other than filling in for a teacher, wrangling kids and teaching sharing time a few times a year.  But, I  feel like I did all that I was asked to do and I guess that's okay.

What I took away from this calling: I feel like I learned to value and love each individual child as they have very different personalities and very different needs.  I also feel like I was a little more laid back this go round than last which was a nice lesson learned...or just age!  I also got to experience a very involved and supportive bishopric and stake leadership which was/is fabulous. Being in the same ward as the stake president and the stake primary president has it's perks! And lastly, since we were brand new when I accepted this call, I was able to learn peoples names and family connections through the children.

Of course, I have already been asked and accepted a new calling at church and will be sustained this Sunday.  To Be Continued...


Weekend Wrap Up

A dirty griddle only means one thing-
our big Sunday breakfast tradition is still alive and well.
 From last weekend, a picture of my and the Hubs (with hat on) by the lovely Miss Maddie.
 We finally found our very own horse while out shopping with friends in good old Horse Country this weekend.  A red lacquered horse...you can't go wrong!
 A sweet treat after dinner with a friend on Friday night. 
Red velvet and double dark from Marble Slab.
 Dinner on the patio Friday night.  The weather was perfect for dining outdoors. 
The only problem was that my hair was growing because of the threatening summer shower.

A Blank Canvas

The other day I got the itch to do something creative.
 I painted the day away...
 And ended up with this!


Kiki Turns 9

Last week we celebrated our Kiki's 9th birthday.  It's crazy how fast she is growing up, she looks like a young lady these days and not a little girl.  We celebrated with family over dinner and then had a sweet ending with delicious cupcakes with fluffy pink frosting.  She has been wanting an American Girl Doll and has been saving money.  She sent the family an e-mail asking for money to go towards her doll in lieu of gifts and we were happy to oblige.  Luckily, she got enough money and was able to order the doll of her choice.

Happy Birthday Dear Kiki!  We are so glad that you are part of our family.  You are a beautiful little lady!

Dropping A Line

Dearest Pablo the yard guy,

Please do not touch my doorbell before 9:00 AM again.  I do realize that it is hot outside and it is supposed to rain and that you need money to support your family.  BUT, we didn't ask you to come to our house today and frankly, I think our yard still looks pretty dang good.  Your services are not needed at this time.

Half asleep, braless home owner

P.S. Please stop by in another week when I am panicking about possibly having to maintain my own yard and cannot find your phone number.  Okay?  Thanks!


Smooth(ie) Operator

I have been taking a powdered nutrition supplement for a few weeks just to be healthier overall. The soy based formula is one of the nastiest things I have ever ingested in my lifetime. I was mixing the 3 scoops of powder with a small glass of juice...just thinking about it now makes me heave. My Babs suggested putting it into a smoothie and I did just that this morning...it's like 100 times better. Thank heaven for the bag of frozen  blueberries from my mother-in-laws, the peaches given to us by one of Hubby's co-workers that I ended up freezing, & the rest of the strawberries picked on our annual family trip to the local strawberry patch. This will now be my breakfast of choice. Now I need to stock up on fruit!

I Miss

My Hubby when he's asleep.


Fourth of July

Fireworks at the ball field.

We enjoyed a nice long 4 day weekend for the 4th of July.  We were able to visit the Capital City and catch up with friends and family.  We had a pretty packed schedule and managed to see a lot of people this trip.
Patriotic salad
On the 4th of July we got together with family and had a delicious meal together.  Dad grilled skewers, Mom made a delicious homemade lemon meringue pie, and I made a very patriotic salad with blueberries picked straight from my mother-in-laws yard.  I could eat a few buckets of her blueberries!

After dinner we went to a baseball game.  We have done this many times over the years because they always put on a nice firework display.  We all had a good time despite being rained on.  We toughed it out and it paid off in the end when we had a front row seat to the show.  Lou was really impressed by the fireworks...she squealed "WOW" for every single firework, it was pretty cute!  Kiki on the other hand was a little frightened at the thought of being outside when fireworks were being shot, Pappy took her to his car so they could watch them inside.