Halloween 2012

We started out the Halloween celebration by taking our Little Pumpkin to get her flu shot.  The nurse that gave her the vaccine was dressed as Buzz Light Year, I have a feeling that she won't be a fan of Toy Story!

Before we left to meet up with the fam we had a brief little photo shoot of the cutest little pumpkin ever.  Well, see for yourself-

 After the shoot I asked the Hubs to take a quick pic of me and my girl in case it didn't happen later in the evening.  Well, it didn't happen later and she wasn't that interested in these...oh well!

We headed over to Roc and Babs house where the whole family (except Mimi who was working) got together to go Trick or Treating.  Some of the kids took turns pushing around the pumpkin chariot.  Her stroller went with her costume!
 Then she got "saved" from her plush ride by Bab who took her up to some doors to do some real trick-or-treating.

 I forgot her basket at Trunk-or-Treat and for tonight.  Luckily I had a smaller Target shopping bag in my car.  She wasn't keen on carrying her own bag!

Then we came across this awesome house.  The pictures just don't do it justice.  There were lights and animated stuff all over.  The wind knocked some of the stuff over...it was chilly!

In the end, Gigi ended up in the stroller being pushed by a frozen Hubby.  Jas, Nell, Lou and J Man are in the background.  Boy did we have fun!


Trunk or Treat 2012

Pappy and Mimi's ward (church) had their Trunk-or-Treat out at a farm.  Pappy pretty much planned the night so the whole family went out to have some fun.  They had a chili and cornbread cook-off, costume contest, bonfire, hot cocoa bar, hot dogs...and of course, trunk-or-treat.  We got a few shots before leaving Mimi and Pappy's-
Bab and Lo

It took about 20 attempts to get this shot- all 7 grand kids in costume.
And a couple more once we got out to Phipps Farm- 
Kelc, I mean Goldilocks and the 3 bears, came with us and her friend Jasmine too!

Me and Lo

She loves her Uncle Jas, however she would not come off the smiles.

So Uncle Jas decided to fall in line with her expression.

We came home late that night because we had the Cub Scout Bicycle Rodeo to attend the next morning.  Here is a shot from lunch at the Rodeo!


Color Me Rad

I had the fabulous opportunity to participate in a 5K this weekend, it was so much fun!  Seriously,if it comes close to home again I would love to go time and time again.  Basically, you get "bombed" with color throughout the course.  Some bombing stations were dry and others were wet, you start with a clean slate and end up doused in color.

My BFF (if ya know what I mean) got the crazy idea to do it and invited/forced people to do it with her.  There ended up being 6 of us, our team name was Color Theory so we all dressed as part of the good ole ROYGBV. (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet for those of you who don't speak color wheel!)  Somehow, we never got in order for the pictures!
Before and After

The aftermath

Glamour Shot!

BFFs before the 5K

4 out of 6 at the start line
In the beginning it was uphill and I was thinking "what did I just get myself into", but then it leveled out.  All of my "training" has been just walking/jogging around my neighborhood with Lo.  Very laid back, but I do around 2 miles many times a week, sometimes twice a day.  What I didn't take into consideration was that my neighborhood is completely flat.  At the very end there was a super steep climb, but you could get through it because you knew it was almost over. There were tons of families out there with young children, it was very family friendly.  All in all, it was an absolute blast to be at!


Daddy's Little Model

Time is flying by and it is making me so sad.  Lo is 7 months old and it's just going too fast.  Someone please make time stop for a little while!  Here are a few shots to commemorate the occasion-

She was weighed the first week of October at exactly 20 pounds. She is a very good eater- she'll eat anything and anytime.  She is making "Ba" sounds and occasionally makes "wa, da and ma" sounds too.  She has perfected the "pootie" noise.  She is really attached to her binky and can put it in and take it out all by herself.  She has mastered the sippy cup.  She isn't interested in mobility at all. She is wearing mostly 12 month clothes.  If it's anything fitted like a dress she really needs an 18 month to accommodate her broad upper body.  I am so excited for her that she is broad up top...it will make her life so much easier!  (says her narrow shouldered Mama) She is a constant ball of motion, always on the move. From wiggling her toes, rolling her ankles and kicking her legs...it's go, go, go!  I am pretty glad that she's not actually crawling yet!  She loves to be tickled and full on belly laughs when her Daddy does it.  She expects it every night before bedtime.  She has the girliest little giggle.  She entertains herself pretty well- still loves her jumperoo and her bumbo. Her favorite toys are her Sophie the giraffe teether, her teapot from her tea set and her bird toy. 

I guess that hits the high points.  We just can't get enough of our
little Punky girl!


Mountain Retreat

We had the most fabulous trip to the mountains last week.  It was so much fun and so relaxing- it was a perfect balance of go and do & rest and relax.

The first day was spent in Asheville where we saw a man riding a gigantic tricycle wearing a nun costume- just doing his best to "keep Asheville weird".The highlight of mine and Heath's day was the stop into Miss Kim's wig shop where we found fantastic earrings for 50 cents.  So, we dumped the contents of the earring basket out and loaded up on ear bling.  We all enjoyed all of the local art, Japanese food at a sushi bar and gelato.

The second day was spent in Cherokee where we fell into many tourist traps!  My goal for the day was buying Lo a sweet pair of moccasin booties to rock out with her leggings this fall/winter...but alas, my child refuses to uncurl her toes making it impossible to put any shoes on her feet.  I guess I can't have it all!  One day she'll beg me to buy her shoes, one day.  We were able to load up on local honey, fresh apples, pottery.  Heck, we even bought locally made pork rinds and I found an amazing huge shell for sale that I brought home to hold random jewelry on my nightstand.  We also climbed the 9 story tower to look out over the mountains in Maggie Valley which is where our cabin was located.

The third day was spent in Waynesville,NC.  We had the most delicious Thai food there.  I think I'll day dream of my curry dish for a few weeks!  We antiqued, browsed all of the little shops in the adorable downtown area and Hubby racked up on emergency essentials.  Waynesville was one of my favorite parts of the trip,it was such a neat little town.  I loved how centrally located everything was and how you could walk to everything. The latter part of the day was spent in Maggie Valley buying more local goods, specifically fudge!  Oh, we had an amazing dinner at this fabulous bakery.  Hubby got the biggest prime rib of his life and Heath and I enjoyed our shrimp and grits.

Our adorable cottage "13 Moons".  It was completely redone inside- had a fireplace that we used daily, 2 beds and 2 baths, a separate loft for TV watching. We have vowed to go back to this place as often as possible.
A path around the house.  I just loved the leaves everywhere and the crisp mornings...so fallish!

An adorable Lo cuddling her Daddy by the fire. She was a little under the weather but such a champ!  The girl is quite the traveler, she loves a good adventure.

The fam before the 9 flight trek up the observation tower in Maggie Valley, NC.  Apparently the entire town is competetive about their fall decorations.  Thank heaven for our fantastic Maggie Valley expert/travel companion,  Heath.

Our view at the half way point.

Who is that super model sassing up Maggie Valley?!

No words are needed.

2 little indians

There was even a bear sighting in Maggie Valley.

An artistic photo by Hubby of the leaves on our balcony on a rainy morning.

The fam in Greenville enjoying the outdoors at Reedy Falls Park.

At a store in downtown Greenville- These gorgeous things are called "witch balls".  I would like to have a window full of them like the store display- alas, I didn't win the lottery!  Heath did take one of these gems home though.
We loved the Nutmeg Cafe so much that we made reservations for brunch on our final day.  It did not disappoint!  We spent the rest of the day in Greenville where we got to enjoy more outdoor time at the Reedy Falls Park before coming home. What a great trip!