The Snow of 2013

Somehow we lucked out and got snow on the ground when nobody else in the surrounding area did. The Hubs was like a kid on Christmas...he loves snow. He was thrilled that our little nugget got to experience snow in her first year. We had some visitors that day too! I guess they didn't want us hogging all of the white stuff!

Relief Society

I am currently serving as the second counselor in th  Relief Society presidency in our church. Relief Society is the women´s organization for those of you who don't speak Mormon! It's still new to me and I'm figuring things out as I go...but I am enjoying  myself. My main responsibility is to be over the activities but I pitch in wherever needed. It has given me many opportunities to serve and helped me get acquainted with the difference  families  that we attend church with. I am also required  to teach once per quarter. This doesn't sound like much, but I am not looking forward to it! Maybe this will help me get over my fear of teaching adults once and for all...here's to hoping. :)


Daddy's Little Model

At 11 months old-
-She has 4 teeth, 2 on top and 2 on the bottom. She has quite the gap between the top 2 which we think is terribly funny...we call them her chicklets.
-has started to crawl but only if she REALLY wants something and its a slow crawl.
-mostly says Dada,Mama and Uh oh
-Still loves to eat. New favorites are edamame and frozen peas.
-At a sick visit recently weighed in at 22 lbs. 12 oz.
-Wears mostly 18 month clothes and size 3 diapers.
-Loves anyone and everyone, especially kids.
-Is starting to show a little bit of interest in some of the educational cartoons, mostly loves the music.
-Enjoys reading and singing time in her nursery in the late afternoons...she tends to get bored around 3:00 each day.
-Got her mother's bad allergies. Gets sinus congestion with the weather changes.
-Saw and touched snow for the first time this month.
We just love our little Lo to pieces!