An Ode To Drugs

Today I salute you,  Zofran.  Thanks to your goodness I am now able to make it to work most days and can get to all 3 hours of church on Sunday.  I am ashamed to say that I doubted your magical powers but boy did you prove me wrong. 

Medicated Me

Busy Body

My husband is always busying himself in some way.  For instance, he told me that he was going out to the garage to take pictures of something and suddenly I'm hearing the air compressor, the garage door opening, the car cranking, and a large crash.  What is the man doing?  It sure doesn't sound like picture taking to me!


This Morning

I woke up to the sensation of needing to throw up.  It's a feeling that I've gotten quite accustomed to this past little while.  Then I ate some saltine crackers to settle my stomach before attempting sleep again.  That coupled with not tolerating smells, nausea, heart burn, loss of appetite, loss of 10 pounds in the past 2 weeks, and not ever wanting to leave this spot ever again...
 Can only mean one thing...


Some Random Thoughts

We have actually been quite busy lately not that you can tell from my total lack of blogging.  We helped friends get through a very tough obstacle in their life, we helped move the BFF and spent a fair amount of time catching up with friends and family in the last couple of weeks.  And of course, we have both been working...it' can't all be fun and games! 

Other randoms:
*We bought an 8X11 rug for our living room finally! 
*I got some bookshelf staging tips from a good friend.  I don't know that I've got the 2 in the living room where I want them but it's a start.
*We were gifted the most amazing photograph by the BFF who happens to be an awesome professional photographer.  I mean, it is SO me.
*We pretty much finished the kitchen project but some touch-up painting is needed before I post pictures.
*I think we've realized that my families sense of humor is genetic due to my 4 year old nieces zingers that she throws out pretty often.  Babs sends me her jokes via text...makes me laugh every time.
*Trying to plan a family vacation in the fall...will it happen?  Your guess is as good as mine!
*It has been such a hot summer we can't seem to drink enough water in our household. 
*Tervis Tumblers are the bomb.com/thebest to keep your water nice and cold.
*My obsession with throw pillows continues to dominate as does my obsession with TJ Maxx.  The 2 go hand in hand for me.
*Babs made us homemade yeast rolls and homemade blackberry preserves...amazing!

That's all I've got for now, maybe I'll post some actual photos soon!