Ho Hum Hair

Tools of the trade
 So, I've been feeling pretty bored with my blond locks lately.  Since I haven't been working in the spa/salon industry I've been pretty neglectful of my head of hair.  I used to switch it up all the time but for the past year I haven't really maintained my mane like I should.  This past weekend I went by my favorite supply house in the Capital City and this evening I went...
Apparently I am not capable of taking a picture of myself where I don't look surprised!
...Coppery Red.

Then after Hubby and I had dinner I got out the shears and got a little scissor happy but I was long overdue.

Gigi Turns 4

The Birthday Girl in her hand decorated tiara
 Once upon a time...there lived a princess named Gigi.  Gigi was turning four years old and decided to have a princess themed party for all of her fellow princesses.  She invited each of them to a party at her castle this past weekend with only two requests: 1. Wear your princess gear and 2. No boys allowed!  
The highlight of the party...the milk bar!
 The princesses were treated to many fine delicacies courtesy of Babs, all of Princess Gigi's favorites which included: a milk bar with choice of mix in, cheese, fruit, chips and dip and cake.
A few of the girlies, including three of my nieces on the left.  I think there were 12 girls that came.
 Her Aunt (a.k.a. the fairest of them all) was the bartender...
carefully personalizing each tiny goblet with each princesses name and customizing each little ladies flavor request.
Cute decorations made by yours truly and her wonderful Hubby.
 Fresh paper flowers were made just before the party was to take place.  Her Aunt and mostly Uncle Hubby did a fabulous job on those and they aren't biased at all.  ;)
Happy Birthday dear Gigi!
And lastly, there was a fantastical cake that was made by her fairy godmother that was a thing to behold.  The Babs duo truly out did themselves with that wonderful treat.

The princess entertained her guests with a butterfly pinata, princess puzzle, scavenger hunt, tiaras that each princess got to decorate and a small breakdown complete with real tears because it was her party and she'll cry if she wants to!  The lovely Gigi was gifted with many cute things including her very own tervis tumbler, purses, Hello Kitty stuff and a new laptop.

And they all lived happily every after...The End!


Father's Day 2011

Me and my Dad
 My parents came to Horse Country for Father's Day weekend.  We did an impromtu home project, took them to dinner at a local BBQ joint and watched a movie.  On actual Father's Day we made them a fabulous breakfast.
Father's Day breakfast of champions.  Dad was chewing...not mad!

Delightful french toast and fruit salad.
 After church my brother's family came to our house and we made bacon wrapped steak and chicken kabobs on the grill, tortellini salad and spinach salad.  Then for dessert we had fruit pizza and it was yummy!
Fruit Pizza
Happy Father's Day to the best Dad a girl could ask for.  We love you!

My Pretties



Gigi pretending to be asleep while Munchie strikes a pose in Hubby's new car.
Clay mask facials

Pancake breakfast using their tea set.
These little ladies spent by the night with me and the Hubs the other night. We had fun doing mini facials, nails and hair.  Hubby left really early for work. When he left Gigi said,"I heard that!". I quickly put her in bed with me so she wouldn't wake her sister.  I made them a pancake breakfast served on their tiny tea set. It was a short but sweet visit!


Cleanin' Out My Phone

It's that time again!  These will be the last pictures from my iPhone, I'm switching to a droid this week and the camera is soooo much better.  Enjoy!
Best thing ever!  Magnum ice cream bars are divine..and so are manicured nails.

Delicious and juicy peaches that a friend gave me.  I sliced them and put them in the freezer for easy smoothie ingredients.

We played with the bells and whistles in Hubby's new car for so long we killed the battery.

This man keeps me laughing.  This time with a lamb puppet.

This time with a lens at the optometrist's.  He's a cute pirate.  ;)

The ceiling at one of my favorite places to eat in Horse Country, New Moon.

Our first "harvest".  Picking them in this basket makes me smile because growing up we picked my grandparents tomatoes in the same type.  Nothing like a tomato eaten fresh off the vine.

Hubby + Me according to Bath and Body Works.  Would you buy hand sanitizer based on your horoscope?


Climbing the Ladder

This week my Hubby was asked to take a position as a lead engineer.  I am so happy for him, he has worked really hard and I think he deserves it.  Of course, this means working longer hours and I'm sure there will be more stress but we are both grateful that he has been given the opportunity. 

We got our new HVAC unit installed this past Thursday...hallelujah!  It's hot where we live and being without it for 4 days makes me appreciate it more.  Of course, nobody should feel bad for us because we had a window unit while we waited our turn for a new one.  We tried to find the humor while being limited to our bedroom where the window unit was located.  We laughed at ourselves one night when we had dinner spread out all over our bed as we sat on our small couch in our master bedroom to eat.  I wore my hair curly all week because there was no way in heck I was bringing out a hot tool to tame the tiger!

The countertop that will finally complete the kitchen remodel is being made as we speak.  We hope that it will be delivered this week so we can wrap this up.  I was really impressed with the way Lowe's handled the situation, they have been really good to us.

We went to the shooting range with a group of friends on Thursday.  One of the people we went with had a grouping that looked like a paw print, what are the odds?!  We went to the dirt track on Friday night with Hubby's work friends.  Hubby used to go when he was a kid but I had never been to such a thing.  It was much more fun than I anticipated and much less dirty than I originally thought.  I will admit to reading a People magazine while the cars were qualifying...that was lame!  Saturday was spent with our Horse Country Shell and her parents that were in town for a visit. We kind of claim her parents as our own, they're pretty adorable!  We went to church today...I bet nobody saw that coming!  I had a cub scout meeting directly after church.  (the leadership position that I hold at church has me overseeing the cub scouts as part of my responsibilities)  We came home and grilled out and have been resting up for the week ahead!

Hubby and I at the dirt track
***It was brought to my attention that trying to comment on my blog posts was next to impossible.  I have had issues commenting on others blogs recently and I don't know what the deal is.  I changed some settings around so comment away!  If you are still having issues please let me know.  Thanks!



Well,"they" always say that trials come in threes. We all remember the leaky skylight from last week. And when we returned home on Sunday our air went out. We are getting a completely new unit installed tomorrow! Then this evening Hubby went to Lowe's to pick up our special order countertop to finally complete the kitchen remodel and...the finishing details were wrong AND apparently we ordered the wrong color.

Now I realize that these are not major problems but I do find it humorous that somedays it seems like nothing goes right. But, there's always tomorrow!


Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend we went to visit family and friends in the Capital City. 
We went to the new Mast General Store.
The Mast General Store, not sure why so grainy.
 And enjoyed ice cold beverages out of this guy.  We also got some of our favorite candies including the always hard to find, strawberry cowtails.
Cute little vintage coolers.
 We had lunch with some friends.  Then we went on a double date with my Shell and her Hubby to the shooting range and then a delicious steak dinner.  That was followed by dessert in the car and world class entertainment by their cute and sassy littles.
Shell's first time!  She did awesome.

We were introduced to "Back Injury Betty" by their oldest and we had to get a picture for our friend that just had back surgery.  He thought it was humorous.
Kids are so creative, aren't they?!
We spent the night at my parents and woke to the smell of bacon.  I present to you Breakfast A La Timbo!
Fresh blueberry syrup...yum!
We had lunch with Hubby's parents at a delicious new deli that they suggested.  I must go back to Jason's Deli ASAP!  After lunch and a nice visit we rendezvoused with my Padre to take him shooting for the first time.  We don't typically shoot that often but everyone wanted to go this weekend
and we enjoyed it both times. 
Proud of his shots.

Not pictured but still mentionable-
*Date night with Bab and Roc to see Xmen
*Family dinner on Sunday that was AMAZING!
*The "Grandbaby Talent Show" performed by non other that the grandbabies.  This show included stunts, gymnastics, cheerleading and a dance off that included my almost 4 year old niece doing a move that Jane Fonda would be proud of.
*Hubs finally getting his new glasses...they are so cute.
*Church at our old building and getting to see so many old friends.
*Coming home with a car loaded down with the rest of our new guest room furniture and other items that we accumulated along the way including an awesome new mirror.

We came home from this awesomely fun weekend to a broken air conditioner so the fun continues!


Lava Hot

Today I decided to order some Indian cuisine for lunch.  I ordered my usual and went to pick it up a few minutes later.  I frequent this particular restaurant and the owner always knows when I order because I always make a special request for plain yogurt with me meal.  When I got up to the bar to pay, the owner came out and said "you know that the bhel is hot, right?" and I reminded him that I order it all of the time.  I came home and opened her up and.....hot doesn't even begin to describe!  I told Hubby later today that I thought I was going to have a panic attack because I thought my mouth was on fire for a few seconds.  The yogurt didn't even help cool it down.

The moral of the story is: When you order your food specify MILD (even when you think you like spicy food...that level of heat is just pointless). When the owner asks you if you are aware of such heat...he means it!  It was REALLY delicious though.