Christmas Day 2012

After a late night with the family, we didn't take very many pictures on Christmas Day.  We opened presents that morning and then we hosted a Christmas Day brunch for the family.  I think that we may have gone a tad overboard on our brunch spread.  After a huge dinner at Jas and Nell's the night before we just weren't that hungry.  We had a good time hearing about what everyone got from Santa, played outside, watched the Christmas parade and relaxed. 
To: Hubby From: Wifey

My honey sure knows the way to my heart!

Cute girl on her first Christmas morning.

Mimi and Lo getting warmed back up after our time outside.

The food.

Punky playing with one of her new toys.


Christmas Eve 2012

We had the traditional Christmas Eve gathering of the family at Jas and Nell's.  Nell always puts on a good show- great food, games and quality time. Let's start from the end, shall we?  Usually we get home after a holiday and I realize that the Hubs and I have no pictures together.  He typically humors me with one even though at this point in the evening we look exhausted!
The Mr. and Mrs. late Christmas Eve night.

Her future's so bright she's gotta wear shades- part of Lo's stocking loot.

More stocking from Mimi and Pappy

The best Pappy gift of all time- a griddle for his famous shaped pancakes.

The kids gather round "santa's helper"-this year E took a turn handing out gifts.

Me and my best little girlfriend.

Her favorite part of Christmas present opening? The tags, of course!

The grandkids after their annual play.  This years performance featured Nutsy the squirrel as a banker.

Jas, Nell and Roc survey the damage.


Family Christmas

We had Christmas with the Hubs side of the family the weekend before Christmas. We exchanged gifts, had lunch together and visited.
Lo and Grandpa D

Lo charming the grandparents.

A head full of bows, hands full of tags and freshly polished toes...that's our girl!

Family time.



For the past few years I have ditched traditional New Years resolutions and simply picked a word for the year. My word for 2012 was "grow". Ringing in the year 2012 pregnant with my daughter, I figured it was a fitting word. But oh, how I did grow...and not just my belly!

There are many ways that I can see where this word came in to play this year. Here are a couple:

Becoming a mother- there just aren't any words. My heart grew. I couldn't have imagined the love that I have for my little girl.

The passing of a dear friend- I just don't have the words to express my thoughts on this incredible woman. The passing of this very special person was a growing experience. She blessed my life with some experiences this year that were so, so very special. I know that I'll never be the same person. She taught me to cherish the little things, to love, to let go of petty things, to accept things that we can't change, to live with grace. She always gave me great advice, lots of laughs, the best GNOs (girls night out). She touched my life for good, she is amazing and continues to inspire me daily.

Teaching- I taught Relief Society people! Teaching adults is my greatest fear in life, I hate it...really, I do. But I did it and I lived to tell about it!

Scouts- Let me tell ya, I don't know jack about scouting. But, I was asked to be a Cub Scout leader for the Webelos and I said "yes"! It has been a learning experience for sure but I think I am starting to grow on those boys. We probably do more crafts than any other scouting organization, but that's okay!

These are just a few ways that the word grow influenced my year. I really tried hard not to say "no" to things outside of my comfort zone this year. If I was asked to do something, I went for it and tried to embrace it. I am looking forward to a new year and a new word! And speaking of new word, I've decided that CLEANSE will be my theme for the year. I am itching to organize and freshen my space, so that inspired my word choice. I am looking forward to the many ways that it will shape and mould my 2013. So bring it on!


Lo & Santa

Our 'Lil Nugget loved her some Santa Claus.  We were thrilled when we found Santa during a lull and he just let us take our sweet time taking picture after picture.  She even tugged on his beard, that's our girl!

E's Christmas Concert

We had the privilege of attending E's band concert at his middle school one evening.  This is his first time playing in the band and his first year playing the trumpet.  It was really fun being able to see what he's been practicing for since the start of the school year.  It's pretty amazing what these kids learn in such a short amount of time.


Lo's First Fire Truck Santa

It was late one weeknight in December when I heard firetruck sirens...I knew that could only mean one thing- Santa was on his way!  I was so excited but had literally no time to prepare as the truck was only 2 doors down when I heard the noise.  We ran out in our pajamas to get a glimpse of Old Saint Nick.  Punky was generally unimpressed but it's a tradition that is important to me.


Sanksgiving 2012

Our Thanksgiving was swell! Jas and Nell and the girls were out of the state this year so we were down a few people. It was weird with them not being there. Oh well, sometimes I guess we have to share them!

We started out the day with desk fast casserole and the boys playing football. We watched the Thanksgiving Day parade
as always. Lo enjoyed watching with her cousins. Roc made a good bird (not as good as last years if you ask some people), the Hubs made some bang up dressing, Babs sweet potato dish was the only one I've ever liked. I'd say we had some real home runs this year on the food front!

After dinner we all talked and browsed the ads obsessively making game plans for that night. Black Friday starts earlier and earlier but it's tradition so we go....and we save loads of cash so it's a win win.

Lo slept through the meal. Well, she woke up when we were finishing up. She had sweet potatoes and pumpkin with Mimi and Pappy.

Babs and I managed to get most of our shopping done on Gray Thursday/Black Friday. We ended up doing 3 different trips, one Thursday night from like 8:00 to midnight, one from 4:00AM to 7:30 and then one around noon to the mall.

I made the girls matching turkey shirts and I think they turned out pretty cute!


Munchie Turns Eight

A sleepover was in order for Munchie's big 8th birthday party.  She had friends and cousins spend the night- they had a great time!


Daddy's Little Model

**Blogger says I've exceeded my 1GB limit for pictures and I'm not sure what I'm going to do yet. Until then, I will continue to update sans pictures.

Our sweet little lady is now 8 months old! She is the cutest girl I've ever seen!

At 8 months Lo:
*Scoots backwards when on her belly. She sill does the swimming motion when she gets excited for a toy but has yet to figure out the forward crawl...and we don't mind one little bit!

*Babbles- still mostly "dada" and "baba" sometimes she throws in "T" sounds or "papa" or "gaga". It varies.

*Sleeps like a champ but insists on it being in her crib or pack n play. She isn't a fan of sleeping on people or on random beds or in her carseat. She goes down around 7:00 and wakes around 6:30 or 7:00 for a bottle and then sleeps until 9 or 10:00.

*Loves to eat and thinks that she is supposed to eat anytime she sees anyone with food. We give her anything we have within reason but her aunts/uncles/cousins/grandparents like to sneak her sweets and candy. She isn't picky either- she'll eat it all!

*Other random things- still loves new faces, has the spunkiest little laugh/squeal, favorite toys are still her bird toy and the teacup and petite fours from her tea set, is ticklish on the back of her neck, adores her cousins, is completely enthralled with her Daddy and her Mimi, refuses to wear shoes...still, sits up all by herself and can even maneuver over on her side/back/stomach from the sitting position if something is striking her fancy, loves to crinkle paper/plastic...definitely her favorite.


Paying It Forward

We went to the grocery store to get needed items for our assigned dishes for Thanksgiving.  Like so many times, we are too tired/hungry after doing the actual shopping that we went to a drive-thru to grab some dinner. We were waiting behind a silver SUV in the drive-thru line for a few minutes and then it drove away.  We then proceeded to the drive-thru window where we were informed that the car ahead of us had paid for our meal, and that the generous person asked the cashier to relay the message to "pay it forward".  We were in complete and utter shock, we both have heard of this happening to people before but have never been on the receiving end.  We then told the cashier to please allow us to pay for the persons meal behind us.

It felt appropriate to let her enjoy a french fry from our free meal...she was a very satisfied customer!

Free food!
The Hubs and I were discussing the impact of such a simple act.  That person completely made our day, I'm sure I'll think of that act often...it was so unexpected and so generous for a complete stranger to pay for our dinner.  The person behind us hopefully felt the love from us, and all of the employees in that fast food restaurant thought that the whole thing was so cool.  We talked to about 4 of the employees there and they were grinning from ear to ear- all from some sweet person paying for our dinner!  I seriously cannot get over how awesome that experience was.  To the stranger that paid for our food at Rush's tonight- Thank you for reminding me that there is so much good in the world, there really is.  Pay it forward people!


Thankful Thursday

Precious little Lo yawning
I am so grateful for so many, many things but today I am most thankful for pictures.  I have always loved photos, I think that it goes back to my Grandma Hazel...she could have had a very successful career with the paparazzi!  I cannot imagine not being able to capture little moments in time with pictures.  Pre-baby I loved to sit down on days off of work and thoughtfully put pictures to paper to make beautiful scrapbooks to enjoy.  These days I love looking at the recent folders on my desktop looking at pictures of my baby who is growing way too fast.  I look at pictures from just a month or two ago and I think my heart will just break because I miss that teeny tiny baby and she'll never be that little again.  But then I think about how much I enjoy her now that she is starting to scoot backwards and jabbers all day (mostly da-da and ba-ba).  I also love looking at my wedding pictures, it feels like another lifetime because it feels so long ago.  Anywho, I'm not sentimental with many objects, but if my house were on fire the only "things" I would try to save are my photos, my precious memories.


Week and Weekend In Review

Unless you've been living under a rock for the last while you know that last week we voted.  This was the longest campaign I have ever lived through and boy did it seem never ending! I think that everyone was ready for it to be over...that might have been the only thing that all sides could agree one.  President Obama was re-elected.   In other news, a local candidate rented a bounce house for our precinct and I think it was brilliant.  I only wish that Lo could have enjoyed it.  Next time...
And, in case you missed the cutest voting duo in the history of the world-
Other than voting last week we also- worked, did lots of painting, had a successful cub scout activity, fed the missionaries (who are absolutely precious), had a triple date to go shooting and watch a movie.
We also got to spend time with Kelc, I'm pretty sure that I couldn't love another person more than I love that girl.  I can only hope that my Lo will be half as good as Kelc.  She is beautiful inside and out!

We visited with Bab and Roc's crew...including Roc's sister that lives out west now.  Our baby was given/snuck chocolate chip cookie, brownieand candy corn while at their house. Lo learned to click her tongue right before bed on Saturday night.  Maybe from the sugar high?! 

Today Robert was called to be the first counselor in the Elders Quorum presidency in our ward. I really love our ward that we are currently in and enjoy the friendships that we have made.

And, don't want to jinx it BUT our realtor called and said that we should be getting an offer on our house this week from the people that looked at it this morning.  We were so happy that we both cried.  So, pray for us people!


Thankful Thursday

I'm back with another Thankful Thursday. Here are a few things that I'm grateful for today-

*The means to not only feed our little family but to share that blessing wih others. There is nothing better than sharing a meal with someone.

*Kleenex & Infant Tylenol- our sweet girl hasn't been feeling like herself. She got a little runny nose and her bottom teeth continue to take their time coming in...I'm grateful for tissue so she's not a snot nosed baby and Tylenol to take the edge off of teething.

*Lastly, we've been getting a little tired of the walls here in the "rental home"(it'll always be Nana and Papa's house in my mind no matter how long we're here!). Seriously, all of the rooms, trim and doors are this dingy cream color and it feels a little like an asylum sometimes. I'm grateful for creativity, resourcefulness, paint and a little elbow grease. Because of all of those things our living room is in its was out of the cream! Not pictured- a painted bathroom vanity that needed freshening, a bathroom that has been rid its old wallpaper and has a fresh coat of paint, and paint in the guest bath.


Thankful Thursday

It's November which means that it's time for a whole lot of gratitude. I love this time of year and all that it brings- but I especially love the calm, slowing of November...the calm before the storm!

Here are some things that I am grateful for:

*Family- they take the cake, let's just get that straight right off the bat! I have the best family and I am so grateful for each of them. I am constantly amazed by the love and support that they show me, the Hubs and especially Lo.

*Holidays- it gives us a good excuse to go over the top with ordinary things. I love decorating for them, preparing for them weeks before and cooking up special dishes for them. Of course all of it is done to make special memories.

*Internet access- I don't know how I would make it through the day without the Internet. Go tell that to 10 year old me, it didn't even exist then! From checking news/weather, getting directions to a location, connecting with people via social media/e-mail to looking up recipes for dinner. It sure makes life easy!