We Have A Walker

On July 29th our little Lo walked for the first time. She had taken a step here and there but never more than one until this day...and of course, Robert was on a business trip! Luckily, we were staying at Mimi and Pappy's house so Mimi captured it on her phone. She certainly took her sweet time getting to this point, she's 16 months old! We knew she was plenty strong but she had to decide to take the plunge. She loves practicing anywhere we go!


Ohio 2013

We traveled to Ohio for Ronnie's funeral. He died in May and was cremated so we waited until all if the family could get together to do the funeral/burial. Independence Day weekend seemed to work best for the family so that's when we made our trip up. My parents came with us for moral support and to help with the baby during the funeral which was a huge help.

We traveled on the 4th of July and pulled in to Hubby's cousins home around 5:00. We were able to mingle with family and enjoy a barbecue for the holiday. It was a nice surprise to be able to make it for the celebration because we made really good time on the way up.

The 5th was the day of the funeral. There were so many people there that we didn't even know but we tried to mingle with most people as they came in the church so we could introduce ourselves. The funeral was held at the church that Ronnie's family has attended for years. 2 different Pastor's took care of the service, there was beautiful music and Hubby  closed the funeral with his thoughts about his Dad. He did a beautiful job and I know that his Dad would have been so proud of him.
I don't know where he got the strength to speak at his own Dad's funeral but he did an incredible job.  We went to the cemetery where family and friends paid their respects and Hubby dedicated (said a prayer) over the grave. Once everyone went back to their cars to leave, my Hubby took Lo over to the grave so that he could have a minute with her- telling her about her Grandpa that she was only able to meet once. It seems weird to write about this on a blog that other people read, but it's a collection of my thoughts and it's a sweet moment that I don't want to forget. 

We went back to the church and had lunch before going back to Kev and Theresa's so that Lo could take a nap before the next scheduled gathering. Later that afternoon we went to hubby's Aunt Fran and Uncle Neal's home where they hosted the family and some close friends for a dinner. It was nice to be able to kick back and enjoy time with he family. Kev and Theresa made a slideshow that I heard was really good of all of the pics of Ronnie over the years. I hate I missed it, but I was keeping Lo entertained so she didn't ruin it for everyone else.

Saturday we deemed a fun day. Kev a d Theresa generously offered to show us some sights- We went to a chocolatier, an outlet mall, a cheese place that gave the Amish a run for their money, a outdoor store and a steakhouse. Later that evening we met back up at Neal and Fran's for dinner with the family.

Sunday morning we said our goodbyes to everyone, loaded up Ronnie's belongings in our car and made the trek back home. The trip home took a lot longer than the ride up...we were definitely glad to be home! 

Some of the few pictures I have from the trip-
Hubby and Lo
The cheese store of all cheese stores...amazing!
Traveling with a toddler was a full time job for 2 people. It was difficult keeping her entertained and difficult to get her to take naps along the way but better than I expected. Did I mention she cut molars on this trip? Yikes!