Christmas Eve 2013

My family decided to go on a little vacation to Virginia over Christmas this year. Even though it will go down in history as "the sick trip" it was still a lot of fun. We paired down a lot this year since we were traveling but I think we got all of the important parts-
Ali and Summer sang a funny Christmas song to us on Christmas Eve.
The kids white elephant gift exchange. Lo insisted on keeping the coveted Barbie camcorder/microphone toy. The nieces were good sports to let her keep it even if they wanted it!
The adult white elephant gift exchange- the Hubs got really excited for the pistachios but Roc stole them. Haha!
For the regular gift exchange J Man was Santa's helper this year and his helper in training was Munchie. You can see our little tree that we brought with us in the background. You can't have Christmas without a tree, you just can't! Even when the backs of the vehicles are packed to the brim...a tree is a must.
The annual Christmas play. This year the play was "Nut Dynasty", a spin off of the reality show Duck Dynasty that the family has closely followed. It's tradition that the play is squirrel related and it didn't disappoint.
Oh, and I got the flu right before we left. Fun times! But I wasn't the only sick one- we had stomach bugs, car sickness and the Hubs took the cake with the worst case of food poisoning I've ever seen. More on that later!

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