December Randomness

This is basically a photo dump from the month of December.
Shopping for cold weather gear.
Lo didn't love Santa this year. Ha!
J took his turn being sick and our of school, Lo thoroughly enjoyed all of the cousins getting sick this December!
FaceTime between the sick kid and the little cousin.
The cousins that snuggle together stay together?
This year she was enthralled with the Christmas lights. She would say "Wow!" Anytime she saw them driving around.
Random selfie.
Lo got sick with sinus congestion. Our sweet friends brought her Christmas present by as a little pick me up.
There were many naps in Mama and Daddy's bed that week, a rare treat to cuddle my girl.
She is very in to playing on electronic devices these days.
Selfie with my little.
Days out of school for the girls+end of the year annual leave taken by Pappy=Lo's dream date!
Christmas cutie in pigtails.
Our ward Christmas party. We had an amazing nativity scene that involved Santa kneeling by the manger...I wish I had recorded it.
Matching cousins!
Hammock time!
Lo in her cow ears.
A night with Santa cow at chick-fil-a.
Pajama story time at the library. Our attention span isn't quite there yet!

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