I was sitting, chatting with my visiting teachers Wednesday morning when a light bulb went off in my head...it was time to re-paint.  I decided to move bedroom furniture into the old office room to try and pacify my need for change but by Thursday afternoon I was painting.  You ladies know how it is, sometimes you've just gotta "switch it up"!  Well, I think we can say "mission accomplished".

Living Room BEFORE
Living Room AFTER
Living Room BEFORE
Living Room AFTER
And a random shot of the re-painted hallway!
When we painted our home the first time it was fall and I think our choice in paint colors reflected that.  I loved how our living room went from boring off-white to a rich chocolate brown and the foyer went from hideous wallpaper to a goldish shade.  Hubby was staying in Horse Country by himself for most of the week while I was back in the Capital City working at my old job and the warm colors made him feel more at home.  Now we are LOVING the light colors.  It's amazing how open and airy this place feels.  For those of you wondering about paint colors the foyer and hallways are in Sherwin Williams Gray Cloud and the living room is in Behr Zen.  I would highly recommend Behr, it's the first time I've used that brand and I was very impressed.  Since we were covering such a dark color I opted for the paint and primer combo that they offer and it work fabulously.  Plus, Behr paint is low VOC so what's not to love?  When we painted the brown on we used the entire gallon and maybe a little more of the second gallon and with the new color we used just over half a gallon...and it's a large room!


Emily and Cory said...

Love love love the colors you picked out! It looks great!

Cindy said...

It looks amazing! You have such great style!!!